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I actually finished! Hallelujah! It’s not perfect, but I think it looks adorable.

I started with this very simple tutorial for a basic lined, zippered pouch. If you’re like me, and you don’t like to follow formal patterns, this tutorial is awesome. The steps are simple to follow, and the finished product (if done correctly) is awesome.

I altered the tutorial slightly by adding a layer of extra firm sew-in interfacing between the lining and the top layer. This provides some padding to protect my Kindle, and also helps the pouch keep its shape.

Unfortunately, even though this was my third attempt at the dang thing, I still had some problems.

First of all, my Kindle is a little under 7 inches wide, so I sewed this case with a 7-inch zipper. Unfortunately, exactly 7 inches isn’t quite wide enough to clear the zipper, so I have to fight with it a little to get my Kindle into the case. Once its past that zipper, though, it fits great.

I had so much trouble installing the zipper. Even though I used the zipper foot on my machine, I know I’m doing something wrong, because every time I reached the top of the zipper, my stitches went haywire. I need to get some more practice sewing in zippers, and any hints or tips would be much appreciated. Or maybe I’ll just start using snaps and buttons from now on.

One other issue: if you look closely at the top of the zipper in the picture above, you can see that the zipper is hanging open a bit near the right edge of the pouch. I’m assuming this is because I skipped the optional top-stitching step after sewing in the zipper? I wasn’t sure what the tutorial was recommending that I top-stitch, but it seems likely that I was supposed to put a few stitches in between the end of the zipper and the edge of the pouch. It’s probably for the best that I skipped it, though, because if the zipper didn’t hang open a bit, the Kindle probably wouldn’t fit.

I have enough fabric to try thisĀ  one more time, so I’ll probably try again with a wider zipper. For now, I need a break. I also still owe a couple of people Christmas quilts that I promised to them, which means it’s back to sewing squares and triangles for me.

Next up: a basic 9-patch using these fabrics. You probably recognize a lot of them from some of my past projects. These are some of my favorite fabrics I’ve used, and I’m excited about the combination.

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